Starting next event, we will ONLY allow new people attending their first event to use tape and shoe polish for class and numbers . The courses are simply too big and too fast for accurate identification. There are actually rules stating the minimum sizes for class letter and numbers. And it’s always better to exceed these minimums and make sure that you use contrasting colors. The harder it is to read, the more likely you get DNFs called on you.

Solo Performance Specialties has great prices and offer us a club member discount when you give them our code. They’re very fast and have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from.

The minimum sizes for letters and numbers are –
8″ height for numbers and 4″ for letters. Anything greater than 8″ numbers require the letters be at least 50% the height of the numbers.

We will print class and numbers for you at registration for the outrageous price of $5 a set. So it is much more cost effective for you to contact SPS and get yourself a nice set of magnets or vinyl.