Autocrossing is a low speed, precision driving event against the clock. Cars of all years, makes, models, and design complete against each other in various classes based on a variety of factors such as engine size, tire size, vehicle weight, and cutom build and modifications.

Autocrosses take place on flat paved surfaces where drivers attempt to manuever their cars through a series of gates usually designated by small pylons. Each driver tries to complete the course as fast as possible but hitting a pylon results in a time penality and missing a gate all together is an off course run.

Autocrossing not only is a fun and very safe, low cost entry level motorsport event, it is also used in police and defensive driver training and car control clinics. Because the sport emphises driver skill and not speed, the average autocrosser has a better understanding of how cars perform and vehicle dynamics than an average road going driver.

Anyone with a valid drivers license can particiapte in autocross events. Very fun and family oriented, many people will travel out of state and make a weekend at large autocross events. The autocross season usually runs from April through October rain or shine.

Rookie Driver Program

Since 1953 many thousands of drivers have had their first taste of motorsports with the Akron Sports Car Club. We continue to take great pride in our new driver programs and set our sights on providing the most exciting, friendly and SAFEST autocross experience possible for our new drivers.

  • Registration: Online registration will be available following links provided on our Facebook page as well as our website.
  • Cars will be classed as per SCCA Solo rules.
  • Car Prep: Please remove all loose items from inside your vehicle and trunk including front floor mats if not mechanically attached. Cars with fluid leaks, loose batteries, corded tires etc… Will be excluded.

Do Bring: (Checklist)

  • Water/Gatorade to stay hydrated
  • Sunscreen/Sunglasses/Hat Driver’s License
  • Money for entry fee Something to cover your belongings in paddock (tarp, bin or bags)
  • Legible class and number markings for your car (magnetic, vinyl, static or paper printed)
    • Painters tape & masking tape will not be acceptable for events moving forward. It simply is too hard to see the numbers & classes for our course & timing workers.
    • Tips:
      – Use magnet sheet (visit a local craft store or walmart, etc)
      – Use vinyl sheet
      – Worse case – print your number and class on a sheet of paper (1 set per side of your car)
    • Class & Car Number Requirements:
      – Numbers must be a minimum of 8 inches – the bigger, the better
      – Class must be a minimum of 4 inches – again, bigger=better
      – Number and class must be on BOTH sides of the car
      – Contrasting colors & easy to read font please

Other recommended items (not required): Tire pressure gauge, small air compressor/tank to adjust tire pressures, folding chair for rest breaks and helmet should you have your own with current M or SA certifications 2005, 2010 or 2015. Limited loaner helmets are available in the trailer.

Upon Arrival: Find a spot in the paddock to unpack your car, put class numbers on and proceed to registration and tech inspection when they are announced open over the PA system. Once you are checked in and pass tech inspection start walking the course to learn the layout.

Rookie Requirements

If you have never particiated in an autocross event this applies to you.

  • Prior to the mandatory drivers meeting there will be a guided course walk for new drivers covering rules, regulations and how to best navigate the course you must attend.
  • New drivers will run together in the “rookie class” indicated with “R” before car number but will have their times indexed based on the class of vehicle they are driving.
  • Club Officers and instructors will be available to ride along with rookies. As drivers get to the front of the staging line look for officials with helmets. This helps novice drivers better navigate the course and gets them up to speed quickly. PLEASE take advantage of this offer.
  • New drivers are prohibited from taking any other passengers on course other than an approved instructor. After riding with you an Officer will approve you to take passengers.